Code Geass’ Lelouch done masterfully by yuegene

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I don’t want to lose anything anymore…

Blood, shed blood || AU @theredheadterrorist





Hunting was something he was very good at. He was discrete enough to go around without people noticing his murderous intentions, but he was also worthy of attention to get his prey to get interest in getting closer.

Lelouch followed the  unlucky one and called for him, not by name, but so familiar that the other could feel safe to go after the mysterious voice. Once away from the crowd, the vampire managed to push the living one to the wall, leaving him without possibilities of running away. Gently,l he hugged the body against his and sink his fangs deep into the other’s flesh…

He drank until the other fell off, so heavy that he had to carry him a little so he wouldn’t just crash to the ground. He placed carefully sat against the wall, his head falling slightly to the left side like sleeping. Lelouch cleaned himself up and the corpse as well and disappeared from there as fast as the wind.

When the glamorous vampire crossed the cafe’s doors, he was more like a human than when they left the house. Lelouch’s skin was still pale, but he had a little blush on his cheeks that gave him a more lively look. His eyes kept the natural violet tone they had, but the brilliant color wasn’t scary anymore. His movements were fast and silent, but nothing far from reality. He seemed just like an aristocrat.

He sat infront of the girl and asked for some coffee with something to eat, just to keep the appearances, vampires are quite good pretending to eat when they don’t even have a taste of any food.

She saw him come through the cafe doors and sat down in front of her, He looked a lot better then before. She was glad he was safe and looking well. 

As he ordered his meal and started to eat, Kallen wondered why he was eating human food? Didn’t he just drink? Kallen leaned towards him form across the table and whispered.

"Lelouch, how are you eating that?" 

Kallen watched him perform his trick many times, it was very fascinating, 

"So lelouch."

She said playing with her hair.

"what do you plan on us doing next."

She said curiously waiting for a response. 

you’re not safe here!

can not stop laughing. 









Fantastic news for people who suffer regularly from migraine headaches. The FDA has just approved a wearable electrical stimulation device for sales in the United States — a headband that prevents the onset of migraines when worn for just 20 minutes each day.

A device like this is definitely long overdue. Some 10% of people worldwide suffer from migraines, a condition characterized by intense pulsing or throbbing pain in one area of the head, accompanied by nausea or vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound.

Developed by STX-Med in Beligum, Cefaly is a compact, portable, battery-powered, prescription device. It’s placed at the center of the forehead, just above the eyes, using a self-adhesive electrode. The headband then delivers transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to the trigeminal nerve known to be involved in migraine headaches. The only known noticeable effect is a tingling or massaging sensation where the electrode is applied. It can only be used by people age 18 or older and should be used no more than once per day for 20 minutes. [x]

I appreciate the fact that they got a designer to make it look like a space tiara. They didn’t have to go that extra mile, but they did, because they care.


Luke Cage is gonna be so happy.



I’ve had migraines since i was 6 years old, and i grew out of vomiting from the pain when i was 9. I still get migraines about once a week, and i truly appreciate this apparatus.